The anti-trans Jeopardy panic reveals the misogyny in gender critical feminism

Criticism of trans Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider show that gender critical feminists seemingly believe that women are biologically inferior to men

Katelyn Burns


Earlier this week, transgender Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider was officially celebrated as the winningest woman in the shows history. Predictably, this announcement set off the gender critical Twitter crowd with a completely foreseeable set of ridiculous proclamations

“She’s stealing a woman’s place on the show,” “she’s taking money away from female competitors,” “there should be a separate trans division on the show.”

All are clearly ridiculous and exceedingly petty displays of overt transphobia. The reality is that Schneider’s participation, and success hurts no one. She has shown a mastery of a very difficult trivia game show rarely seen before, regardless of her gender.

But the reaction from the gender criticals has been unintentionally revealing. Calling for a separate trans category and claiming that trans women have a biological advantage over cisgender women in… a trivia game… goes to show how much contempt these self-identified feminists have for women.

Of course women aren’t inherently worse at trivia games. There’s no evidence that women lack intellectual prowess compared to men and saying so out loud in order to own the transes is just plain old misogyny.

Some are even comparing Schneider’s winning streak to that of trans athletes, a laughable comparison given that Jeopardy has always been open to all genders.

What these people are really objecting to is trans success. If you don’t want a demographic to exist, it’s logical that you would get upset at a member of that demographic who finds success on a nationally televised game show. That is the basis for these laughable attacks on Schneider, who has always shown herself to be professional and quite smart on the air.

When you spend all your time campaigning to portray trans women as creepy perverts looking to pounce on an unsuspecting woman in a bathroom, positive examples of trans women in the media must be chastised and cut down to size.

This transphobic knee jerk reaction comes from the same place that men use to cut down visible and successful cis women in society. It’s just plain old misogyny.



Katelyn Burns

Political journalist. The first openly trans Capitol Hill reporter in US history. Writing about more than just trans issues. Follow her on Twitter @transscribe