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A very tired but productive trans woman’s love and hard work

Katelyn Burns
3 min readMay 6, 2016
That’s me!

So I’ve decided to make a complete listing of everything that I’ve released publicly so far. I’ve found it harder and harder to find my own links and this will be a great way for me to link people to my work as well as quickly find my own articles when I need them.

An Open Letter to Gov. Greg Abbott — 4/30/16 — Medium

In which I write a letter to the governor of the second most populous state in the US with a conservative case against bathroom bills.

Radio Interview

4/27/16–1 Mic With Big Mike

I was on 1 Mic with Big Mike to talk trans stuff and sports. I was nervous but it was fun. In case anyone was curious what my voice sound’s like, click the link.

England Has Already Lost — 4/15/16 — Unusual Efforts

My debut article for Unusual Efforts, a soccer publication that is owned, written, edited, and drawn by women, trans or cis and non-binary people. Here I skewer the English over their soccer hypocrisy.

Coming Out to My Mom Twice Nearly Killed Me, Saved My Life — 3/29/16 — Harlot Media

Trigger Warning: Suicide Discussion Here I explore my complicated history with mental health professionals, as well as my coming out to my mom twice 17 years apart.

Hate and Basketball — Why Michael Jordan Needs to Step Up — 3/25/16 — The Cauldron by Sports Illustrated

My piece for The Cauldron by Sports Illustrated on North Carolina’s HB2 bathroom bill and my childhood hero’s disappointing silence.

Secrets — 3/10/16 — The Laughing Lesbian

Originally appearing on Medium, the ladies over at The Laughing Lesbian were kind enough to republish it. I wrote this for my wife. It made me cry to write, it made her cry to read.

Hi, I Am a Woman — 3/8/16 — Medium

Written for International Women’s Day, in which I explore how it is that I know that I am a woman.

Fatness Makes the Joke Funnier — 2/28/16 —

Written for my friend Kiva Bay as part of her #BigBodyPosi series, in which I explore the harmful tropes of trans people and fat trans people in film and television.

We Are Aggressive Porcupines — 2/19/16 — Medium

Maybe my favorite piece that I’ve ever written. I discuss the every day reality of trans people and why we always seem so prickly as a group.

Brothering While Trans — 1/30/16 — Medium

Written to work through my feelings about my relationship with my brother before I came out to him, which I didn’t do for another 3 months. My family that has read it say that they were very moved by it.

Being Trans and the Importance of Online Spaces — 1/30/16 — Medium

I wouldn’t have survived as long as I have without the internet. Here’s my ode to all the online friends I’ve made over the years.

Being Trans in the Paradox of Sports — 1/23/16 — The Cauldron by Sports Illustrated

My most read story to date. In this piece, I explore my childhood obsession with sports, my internalized misogyny at that young age and the seemingly impossible dream of becoming the girl I knew myself to be. Also sports.

My Intersection with Being Trans and Fatphobia — 1/23/16 — Gender 2.0

The piece that launched it all. I wrote the draft for this and then sat on it for 2 weeks thinking it was terrible. I sent it to a friend who I think forgot about it for awhile. When I finally built up the courage to self publish it, it kind of took off. The response I received from it told me that maybe I wasn’t half bad at this writing thing.

I hope you all enjoy reading my work! Feedback is always welcome, I will keep this space updated as new work is published. Leave comments down below or email me katelynburnswrites at gmail.



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