Criticism of trans Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider show that gender critical feminists seemingly believe that women are biologically inferior to men

The new CDC guidance seems less about improving public health outcomes and more about making employers happy

This year’s New England Revolution set a league record for points in a season, but can they come through in the Playoffs?

The pandemic has changed my life, and not in a good way

Image by Prachatai

Every day, thousands of twitter users gather to spread bigoted ideas with impunity

Twitter Screengrab

A recent expose on the publication by The Daily Beast mentioned a recent story about trans athletes

Photo by Russell Laurie, license

The moral panic over so-called critical race theory shows who is really trying to create a safe space

Dozens of mainstream writers and pundits have carved out a career obsessing over the activity of kids at tiny liberal arts schools. It’s a joke.

Photo by David Mulder/Flickr. License.

Katelyn Burns

Political journalist. The first openly trans Capitol Hill reporter in US history. Writing about more than just trans issues. Follow her on Twitter @transscribe

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